SAP - Fiori

Putting the user at the center and simplifying business processes using the latest technologies - that is SAP's goal when it comes to user experience. The way to go is the Fiori design language, which has been defining the look of all new SAP products for some time now.

Through user-centered and design-oriented development, people are to be put in the center. Processes are mapped on a role-based basis, making them clearer. Every user sees at first glance what he needs.

Accordingly, the design principles of SAP Fiori are called:

    • role-based: the user receives the information relevant to him at that time,
    • adaptive: the application adapts not only to the user, but also to the device used - mobile apps are provided for in the same way as traditional desktop applications,
    • simple: the user can concentrate on the essentials, which is exactly why he or she is provided with all the necessary information and functions.
    • coherent (coherent): a consistent user experience is created across all applications the user can concentrate on the essentials and is provided with all the information and functions he needs (1)
    • delightful: Applications are designed to be user-friendly, intuitive to use, and look modern at the same time.

    In addition to these benefits for the end user, business processes are simultaneously digitized, simplified and - if desired - made ready for cloud solutions. Open and web standards are used as technologies. A service-oriented implementation acts as an innovation driver. Combined with in-memory computing on an SAP HANA database, completely new user experiences can be created.

    What is SAP Fiori and what is it for?

    SAP Fiori is, first of all, the user interface (UI) that SAP uses for its own web interfaces and that it recommends to its customers. However, SAP associates additional principles and tenets with it, so it quickly becomes an idea for a new user experience (UX).

    With the proliferation of smartphones and apps, users have seen how easy and intuitive it can be to use software. The associated growing demand for a user-friendly interface is met with SAP Fiori.

    By committing to one design language, you achieve a consistent user experience across all applications. The "mobile first" approach not only enables the use of smartphones, but also leads to sleeker interfaces with well thought-out user guidance and a focus on the essentials. Role-based apps allow development tailored to a target group.

    Increased overall user satisfaction and direct access to relevant applications and information ensure increased productivity. In addition, simpler applications tailored specifically to the target group reduce the amount of training required.

    Technical background

    An essential component of the SAP FIORI UX is the SAP Fiori Launchpad. This acts as a central, role-based access point to the entire application landscape. It can be used standalone or integrated into an existing or cloud portal.

    The Launchpad is made up of tiles that can be used to launch SAP Fiori applications, transactions, web screens or simple links. The selection of tiles is tailored to the role of the user, so that he has the information and applications he needs for his job immediately in view. Dynamic tiles are used, for example, to display the status of a process or a particularly important key figure directly, without the user having to open the application at all. This way, unnecessary work steps can be avoided and quick prioritizations can be made.

    Applications can be found via the integrated search function, but other areas can also be integrated into the full-text search, enabling convenient working. In addition, users have direct access to their personal settings and notifications. It is also possible to jump from a message directly to the application relevant for processing.

    SAP Fiori Launchpad

    First of all, it is important to emphasize that SAP Fiori enables the use of mobile devices, but it is in no way intended only for them. SAP Fiori interfaces are device-independent, they run in the local browser.

    The interface of SAP Fiori applications is developed in SAPUI5 (a framework based on HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3). Business logic and authorizations will remain mainly in the backend. The communication between frontend and backend runs via web services (e.g. OData) and is mediated via an integrated gateway (e.g. SAP Netweaver Gateway). This decoupling of interface and logic means in particular that existing applications do not necessarily have to be rebuilt in order to benefit from the advantages of SAP Fiori. There are also possibilities to transform existing interfaces (Webdynpro, SAP GUI transactions). This enables a smooth transition from old to new UI technology and a consistent user experience for existing applications and new ones to be built.

    User-friendly front-end for SAP

    SAP Fiori is the present and the future of user interfaces for SAP systems. Focused applications that focus on the most important information and activities enable users to work in a targeted manner, provide greater satisfaction and increase productivity.


    • modern, consistent user experience
    • Higher productivity
    • higher user satisfaction
    • less training required

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