Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI)

Analytics and BI describes a company-wide concept that regulates access to decision-relevant company data. The amount of data collected in companies is growing and structuring and analysis is needed to provide decision makers and users with the data they need. Not only does the intelligent linking of past-oriented data play a role here, but increasingly analytical scenarios are being developed with the data, which, for example, also determine future predictions on the basis of company figures.

Relevant data is collected, provided, analyzed and communicated through automated reporting . Relevant decision criteria are obtained from existing company and business data. Important components of such a BI solution are OLAP (Online Analytical Processing), data mining and the data warehouse. This is increasingly being supplemented by predictive tools that allow ever more precise statements to be made about future scenarios.

With its tools in the area of business intelligence, SAP has a broad set of options for preparing company data.

Both on-premises (SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform) and cloud-based(SAP Analytics Cloud) solutions are used.

Quality features

Companies are required to process their operationally collected data and to summarize it into meaningful information. For this purpose, a BI system must meet the following quality characteristics:

  • Linking and formatting of all relevant data into meaningful key figures
  • Processing possibilities of mass data and aggregation of information
  • Processing of data from a wide variety of upstream systems into a homogeneous information set
  • Providing the data for analysis by the users as promptly as possible
  • Seamless connection of data preparation and provision for reporting
  • Creation of complex data scenarios for automated decision support

Our offer

We support you in achieving these goals. Our teams of experts have a very high level of expertise in the implementation and enhancement of BI systems. This also takes into account the constantly changing possibilities of data processing through more powerful upstream systems and/or increasing cloud solutions. Our experts will be happy to advise you on the possibilities that are now available and how BI solutions can be set up for the future.