The future can be planned

The environment in which companies operate in recent years is becoming increasingly unpredictable. In particular, new technological opportunities, change in many industries and unexpected economic crises are creating a highly dynamic situation that is increasingly challenging for companies.

Reporting and analysis can help to understand influencing factors and past developments. However, it is only through planning that it is possible to look into the future and align company resources and processes with strategies and plans.

Planning scenarios can be set up with the help of planning solutions from SAP. By using new pioneering technologies, such as machine learning and predictive analytics, short to medium-term planning corridors can be calculated by integrating secondary data sets and using patterns, which enables reliable planning of business development.

The integration of historical data, plan/actual reconciliation, and the use of simulations that operate in real time based on HANA "in-memory" database technology, combined with short-term planning, enables reliable long-term financial planning. Companies are supported in making the right decisions today.

Planning tools

Depending on requirements and resources, companies today can choose between products that differ in the number of degrees of freedom and the scope and form of predefined logics. The spectrum ranges from flexible development platforms for building individual applications to highly standardized tools - for example, for integrated financial planning. The former naturally have a low degree of standardization. Examples of this are not only appropriately designed planning tools, but also BI tools with a focus on reporting and analysis that additionally enable the input of planned figures. These tools are suitable for implementing individual requirements of a planning application. A high degree of standardization is provided by tools that already come with predefined logics, data models and applications. In addition, there are flexible planning tools that come with predefined business logic, but are also suitable for implementing individual planning and analysis scenarios.

CALEO has proven expertise in the area of financial planning and can help your company establish the right planning process based on best practices and find the right SAP software solution for your system environment.

Your advantage

  • We give you a comprehensive overview of the different SAP planning solutions.
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