BI Platform

SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform (BIP) is a programmable, web-based reporting interface that can pull data from SAP and non-SAP sources.


The BI Platform itself does not have a data storage layer and therefore does not offer data warehouse capabilities. It nevertheless includes several report forms that can be run directly on the platform and read data from connected systems on-the-fly, such as:

- SAP Business Warehouse (BW)
- SAP Business Planning & Consolidation (BPC)
- External databases and OLAP sources

The platform runs on a JAVA based application server that can be installed on different systems. "Single Sign-on" capabilities simplify the logon process for heterogeneous data sources. Using the transport mechanism integrated into the solution, reports are imported from the development system into the production environment.
The BI platform is preferably used to store SAP Design Studio and Lumira content. Reports and analysis can be distributed via email through refined processes.

Reporting Tools

SAP Business Objects BI Platform provides a large number of reporting tools (see list below) that can be used for analysis and visualization. While some tools require a client installation for reporting and maintenance, others are completely web-based. All reports generated by these tools can be run from the central BI Launchpad website. Some tools offer input options that are relevant for use in planning scenarios.

  • Crystal Reports
    Crystal Reporting is the standard for highly formatted reporting. It is available in different editions. The Enterprise Edition is tightly integrated with the BI platform.
  • Web Intelligence
    Web Intelligence is typically used for ad-hoc reporting of data from heterogeneous systems. The tool is completely web-based and enables intuitive report creation.
  • Xcelsius
    Using the Xcelsius visualization tool, you can build dashboards and interactive reports. Xcelsius creates Flash applications that can be embedded in Crystal Reports, Office documents and website.
  • Voyager
    Voyager is a web-based tool for analysis that offers OLAP capabilities.
    It can be connected to SAP Netweaver Cubes and other data sources.
  • LiveOffice
    LiveOffice is a plugin for Microsoft Office and allows users to create Office documents with data from a BOE data source; the data is linked to the source, and can be updated. This makes it possible, for example, to create a presentation with financial KPIs that is updated at the end of each month.

Semantic Layer

The BI platform provides a semantic layer through the use of so-called universes. A Universe combines information from connected data sources with a reporting perspective. This simplifies the development of reports that access complex data sources. Additional business logics and calculations can be integrated in a Universe. Access to a Universe can be restricted by permissions. Universes are created in the Information Design Tool and stored on the BI platform.

Our offer

If you are interested in the SAP BI Platform, we will be happy to support you with professional and technical expertise. We accompany you from the first report requirements, through the implementation, to the handover to the running operation by the specialist department.

As a first step, we recommend a short workshop in which the key points of a target scenario are developed.