Project organization

CALEO is also happy to assume complete responsibility for organization and project management in all projects. To this end, all employees with project responsibility are trained and educated. Project management accompanies the entire project and forms the link between the individual project phases. Appropriate project management reveals dependencies between individual deliverables.

Delays in the project process are identified and communicated at an early stage. In this way, countermeasures can be taken in good time in order to be able to guarantee completion on schedule.

Project management is typically carried out together with the customer's employees, mostly from the business side, in order to give the customer the best possible transparency about the status of the project.

As part of CALEO's project management and organizational work, we typically perform the following tasks:

  • Creation of project plans
  • Personnel planning of the project with focus on skillset and availabilities
  • Effort evaluation of the individual project components
  • Assessment of the feasibility of the requirements
  • Ensuring compliance with milestones
  • Ensure completion of all required and agreed upon project components
  • Contact person for all questions regarding the execution of the project
  • Communication of the status to the customer
  • Creation of task packages and assignment of persons to tasks
  • Risk assessment and status evaluation of the individual tasks and project phases