SAP UI5 Framework

SAPUI5 is a framework for developing platform-independent, responsive applications according to the HTML5 standard with JavaScript and CSS3. It is the standard technology for implementing the SAP Fiori user experience.

Communication with the backend (ABAP application server) takes place via web services. However, any other web services can also be connected, which opens up completely new possibilities. In addition, this type of communication makes it possible in principle for a UI5 application to run offline and only synchronize with the back end from time to time.

UI5 application development

UI5 apps are developed using SAP's own web-based development environment (WebIDE) or via a plugin for Eclipse. There are a variety of demo apps available that can be downloaded and used directly or used as templates. Additionally, there are libraries with common components (e.g. button, input field, list, table). This enables the rapid creation of prototypes.

The application receives data via web services (e.g. OData, JSON, XML) from an SAP backend server or another API server. OData services are the most common standard. They can be based on classic ABAP logic (classes, function modules) or look directly at the HANA database using CDS views and SQL.

Like Webdynpro, SAPUI5 is based on the proven MVC model (Model, View, Controller), which separates the logic of data processing from the design. Changes to design or logic can be made separately and thus much more easily.

UI5 Screen - Caleo

Consuming UI5 applications

A UI5 application runs in the browser and thus on almost any device. When opening the same, the application is loaded from the server and rendered depending on the end device used. The data is loaded and written back via services.
UI5 apps can be launched via a Fiori Launchpad or direct link. Embedding in an existing Enterprise Portal or SAP Cloud Portal is also possible.


  • Modern, consistent user experience
  • Applications based on current web standards
  • Integration of SAP backend systems as well as many other possibilities


SAPUI5 is the most modern way to create frontend applications for SAP systems. Following the Fiori guidelines, appealing apps are created that can be used on mobile as well as desktop end devices and put the user in focus.

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