Working at CALEO

At CALEO, you can look forward not only to a great team and challenging tasks, but also to a variety of attractive benefits.


Home Office

CALEO pursues the objective of implementing modern forms of work organization. Therefore, depending on the project assignment, we allow you to work from your home office or from our office.

Part-time models

You have the option of reducing your working hours according to your wishes in accordance with the regulations of the Part-Time Work Act.


Ripe for the island? Our employees are happy to take advantage of the opportunity to take a longer break from their jobs. Time off is taken via unpaid leave or/and accrual of vacation days. From two weeks to six months - everything is possible.


With all the professionalism, of course, the fun should not be neglected! In order to maintain our great working atmosphere, CALEO offers a lot of activities, all of which are voluntary.

Summer event

Once a year we all go on a weekend trip together with our partners. For example, we have already been to Stockholm, Barcelona, Oslo, Madrid and Edinburgh together. Sailing in the Mediterranean or mountain hiking in the Austrian Alps were also a lot of fun!

Running events

Our employees show what they are made of at popular sporting events (Westparkstaffellauf, 10km run at the Munich Marathon). CALEO pays the participation fees and equips the employees with a high-quality functional shirt.


For a Munich company, a visit to the Wiesn is of course a must! Therefore, we also go to the marquee together every year.

Ski exit

In January our ski event will take place, in which also partners and your children are welcome to participate.

Christmas party

The Christmas party at the end of the year is always something very special for our employees. For example, we have already cooked together at the Schuhbeck cooking school, gone on a torchlight hike in the mountains and organized a great party with a DJ. A quality Christmas gift is of course also available every year!



The job as a consultant:in inevitably requires a high willingness to travel. Of course, this is also one of the aspects that makes our profession so exciting and varied. To make your travels also as pleasant as possible we offer:

Individual travel

Depending on your location and personal preference, you can decide how you want to travel. This applies to transportation (train, flight, car) as well as accommodation - either in a hotel or in a furnished apartment at the project site. The costs will of course be borne by CALEO.

Meal Subsidy

On business trips, CALEO reimburses the maximum taxable amounts for additional meal expenses. All employees at the Gräfelfing site receive a subsidy for lunch in our canteen.

Travel compensation

For business-related overnight stays outside of the company and residence, you receive so-called travel credits, which can be converted into special payments or special leave days. This can add up to a good week of special leave over the course of a year!

Bahncard Business 50 or 100

All employees with corresponding travel activities receive a BahnCard 50 or 100 from CALEO, which can of course also be used privately.



The know-how of our employees is our most valuable asset! Therefore, we offer optimal training opportunities.

    • You have four training weeks per year at your disposal, which can be used for internal and external training.
    • We exchange knowledge in particular at the CALEO Days. For this purpose, all employees meet at our company headquarters for an exchange on current topics, projects and activities.
    • If you are still pursuing a PhD, MBA or other additional education, we will look for opportunities (part-time contract, sabbatical) to make your wish come true. There are no rigid guidelines for this, but the offer to discuss everything individually.
    Continuing education - Caleo

    Other benefits

    To name all the goodies would certainly lead too far. Enclosed, however, you will find a few that our employees particularly like.

    Bike leasing

    At CALEO, we offer bicycle leasing that corresponds to the model of a classic company car.

    You have the option of purchasing up to two bicycles of your choice through CALEO and thus being mobile in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way.

    Mobile devices

    You can choose any business cell phone every two years. In addition, CALEO will provide you with a notebook. You can use both privately.


    In our offices - often also at the customer's - CALEO provides free drinks and coffee as well as a delicious fruit basket, the composition of which you are welcome to help shape.

    Company pension scheme

    At CALEO, you can set up a company pension plan as a direct insurance policy. CALEO grants you a subsidy of 20% of the amount you have paid.