SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (SAP BPC) for SAP Netweaver

SAP Business Planning and Consolidation - SAP BPC for SAP NetWeaver is a powerful planning and consolidation solution that is easy to use thanks to its intuitive web interface. In combination with the included EPM Add-in for Microsoft Office, SAP BPC offers enormous yet easy-to-use analysis and formatting capabilities in reporting. Furthermore, through the integration of SAP BPC in SAP NetWeaver, proven and mature technologies for master data management and data storage are applied - synonymous with stability and functionality.

SAP BPC is ideal for all aspects of business planning, from forecasting and budgeting to medium- and long-term planning and simulations. Top-down as well as bottom-up planning processes are fully supported. In the area of consolidated financial statement preparation, SAP BPC is suitable for both external and internal consolidation. External and internal consolidated financial statement preparation can also be directly integrated with each other via matrix consolidation.

CALEO Consulting is the specialist for the design and implementation of consolidated financial statement solutions based on SAP BPC. Numerous project references in this area and the partnership with SAP underline CALEO's competence.

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Convincing added value of SAP BPC

SAP BPC in combination with the SAP EPM Add-in offers you concrete advantages:

  • Clearly structured and traceable planning and consolidation processes through "business process flows
  • High data and process quality through comprehensive, automatic control and validation options
  • High user acceptance and ease of use by mapping the planning and consolidation processes within a web browser and using Excel, PowerPoint and Word for reporting
  • High flexibility in defining the planning and consolidation logic through a rule-based system
  • Flexible administration possible either by the business side or the IT department
  • Investment protection through direct integration in SAP NetWeaver
SAP BPC - Caleo

Consolidation with SAP BPC

Analysis and reporting

In SAP BPC, Microsoft Excel is primarily used for recording actual and plan data and for reporting, supplemented by the SAP EPM add-in. For the end user, this means a uniform, familiar and thus easy-to-use user interface.

The EPM Add-in for Excel allows you to quickly create reports. By dispensing with queries, reports can also be created directly by the specialist department itself. For analysis purposes, any ad hoc queries can also be created directly by the business department. Finally, the full functionality of Excel is available for formatting and further processing of the figures to be reported.

Excel reports can of course also be used and edited offline. Furthermore, the EPM Add-In also supports access to different data sources. There are also plans to integrate reports into Microsoft PowerPoint and Word.

As a powerful consolidation solution, SAP BPC is ideal for both legal group reporting, for example in accordance with the German Commercial Code (HGB), IFRS or US GAAP, and for management reporting.
By means of "business process flows", the employees responsible for data entry and consolidation are guided through the closing process in a target and deadline-oriented manner. This ensures that all reporting units or users complete the process steps relevant to them on time.
A release process ensures that the captured data is first subjected to a content review and, if necessary, commented on. This ensures high data quality and, as a result, reliable consolidated financial statements.
Through integration in the SAP NetWeaver platform, individual financial statement data from SAP upstream systems can be transferred to SAP BPC fully automatically and thus quickly and cost-effectively. Similarly, companies that do not use SAP ERP can provide their individual financial statement data via load files or by means of manual entry in SAP BPC. Manual data entry can even be prepared offline.
By using documents or audits, data changes are documented in a traceable manner as part of the consolidation process. The consolidation monitor continues to make the degree of completion of the financial statements clearly visible to the process owners at all times. As a result, SAP BPC makes it easy to meet compliance requirements and auditor specifications.
Finally, SAP delivers preconfigured consolidation logics for SAP BPC in the form of so-called starter kits. to reduce the implementation effort. By using a rule-based consolidation logic, it can be flexibly adapted to your own needs.

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