SAP BusinessObjects WebIntelligence (WebI)

SBO WebIntelligence is used for ad-hoc analysis of data from heterogeneous sources. It enables intuitive report creation directly on the web, meaning no client installation is required. WebI is part of the BusinesObjects Suite product range.

WebI provides the easy way to create formatted reports on the web. Either BusinessObjects universes or direct access to BEx queries serve as data sources. The interlocking with SAP BW in turn makes it an interesting tool for the analysis and reporting of company figures that have been prepared on the basis of an SAP BW.

Particularly noteworthy among the functionalities are the formatting options, the easy conversion of tables into charts and vice versa, the independent creation of formulas and calculations, as well as the very intuitive drag-and-drop functionality for analyzing data according to different viewpoints.


WebI is one of the options offered by SAP for formatted and appealing visualization of company data on the web. Alternatively, however, other products are available, such as SAP Lumira, SAP Analytics Cloud or Crystal Reporting. Which of the tools is the right one in each case also always depends on the use of their other tools in the area of business intelligence and data warehousing. We would be happy to advise you here on an optimized strategy.

Your advantage

  • Fast and uncomplicated analyses
  • Appealing format on the web
  • Flexible analysis options and ad-hoc evaluations
Webl Screen Caleo


WebI is one of the solutions offered by SAP to create appealing web reports. WebI is therefore especially interesting for users who want to quickly present something "presentable" without the help of IT. Web reports can be generated here quickly and relatively easily without programming. If you do not yet use a cloud solution from SAP, but want to provide your users with a tool that they can use as independently as possible and that has very good formatting options.

Our offer

If you are interested in WebI and would like to learn more about the possible applications as well as an overview of the other SAP alternatives, we will be happy to support you with professional and technical expertise.