SAP Analytics Cloud

This Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product from SAP provides the business department with the necessary analysis options for its daily work. SAP Analytics Cloud enables the analysis of current business figures, the planning of various scenarios and the calculation of forecasts. For the executive level or middle management, a modern application for the presentation of company key figures is also available as a supplement: the SAP Digital Boardroom. In this article we will give you a first overview of the product.

To the overview


As a SaaS product, SAP Analytics Cloud does not require installation by the customer. The server is operated in one of SAP's data centers and regularly provided with updates. These data centers comply with current guidelines in the areas of data protection and IT security. Customers who do not want to store their data in a third-party data center have the option of using their own systems for data storage. When running reports or applications, the corresponding data is accessed live from the company's own systems. The data does not leave the company network.
Only a current version of Google Chrome or another browser is required on the user's computer. Reports, metadata, and dashboards are loaded from the cloud and populated with data at execution time.
The technological basis for the product is the SAP Cloud Platform (SAP SCP) with the underlying SAP HANA database. Applications and data stored in the cloud thus benefit from the advantages of SAP HANA in-memory technology.


If a cloud solution is not an option for you, we recommend SAP Lumira as an alternative.

SAP Lumira

Your advantage

  • You pay only a monthly fee. Effort for server infrastructure, security/system updates and maintenance work is eliminated.
  • Updates and new functionality are imported directly from SAP at regular intervals, so the cloud is always up to date.

Business Intelligence

Real-time analytics are a core function of the SAP Analytic Cloud. Tailored to the needs of business users, a modern user interface (UI) in SAP Fiori style enables efficient work. The self-service approach is clearly recognizable: reports, here called stories, can be created relatively easily. Data from different sources can be merged and displayed without much effort. The spectrum ranges from highly aggregated key figures at Group level, presented in a dashboard, to more detailed reports at more finely structured levels. These can also be supplemented with visualizations according to International Business Communication Standards (IBCS).

Data sources

For the data sources, a distinction is made between data import and direct connection. SAP HANA, SAP S/4HANA and SAP BW systems can be connected directly. It is not necessary to load the data. Another option: uploading local files in CSV, TXT and XLSX formats via the browser. This can be organized by the department. Various cloud services, such as SuccessFactors, SAP Hybris Cloud or Salesforce, can also be configured as data sources. SAP ERP systems or SAP BPC can also be used as a data source. In the process, the data is uploaded to the cloud.


SAP Analytics Cloud supports numerous source systems and formats. For some systems, there are several ways to connect. We will be happy to support you in the selection and creation of a scenario suitable for you.

Your advantage

  • New reporting requirements can be implemented in an agile manner directly by the business department.
  • Data from different systems can be merged with local data.
  • Thanks to the intuitively designed UI, sophisticated reports can be created after a short training period.

Planning and prediction

Simplicity of the UI is also at the forefront of planning and forecasting. Business models and the necessary formulas for the different scenarios are created and edited in an Excel-like input mask. Auf-/Distributions and private version are just a few examples of the possibilities that are available. The planning process is supported by collaboration functions. For example, events and tasks can be shared and managed via a common calendar.

In the area of prediction, algorithms from machine learning are ready. Trend prediction, outlier detection, and grouping can be applied to data to answer domain questions or gain new insights.


In the planning environment, SAP Analytics Cloud can be combined very well with SAP BPC.

Your advantage

  • The entire planning process can be mapped in the cloud.
  • The specialist department can quickly and flexibly create new plan versions or scenarios.

SAP Digital Boardroom

With this addition to the SAP Analytics Cloud, digitization is moving into boardroom or divisional management meetings. Three large touch screens show the agenda, the most important KPIs and supporting information. Questions can be answered interactively and different scenarios can be run through by adjusting several variables. Current data is always used and, if necessary, the full detail is available. Starting from a highly aggregated view, such as at the country level, it is also possible to go into greater detail. For example, individual regions or cities can be displayed.

In order to use the product productively in meetings, three large touchscreens and computers with powerful graphics cards are required in addition to the license costs. On the software side, SAP recommends a current version of Google Chrome.


We recommend the product to everyone who is open to the new possibilities - beyond the classic presentation.

Your advantage

  • SAP Digital Boardroom opens up new, interactive possibilities to hold presentations effectively.
  • In a meeting, you can work directly with current data.


SAP Analytics Cloud combines the three major areas of business intelligence, planning and forecasting in one SaaS product. The barriers to entry are low and no programming skills are required to create reports. The product's focus on self-service, by the business department, is clear. It is a good idea to replace or detach grown shadow Excel files. A significant advantage: There are numerous possibilities to query or load data live from different upstream systems.

The SAP Digital Boardroom is the perfect complement to present business figures interactively in meetings and to add to them directly if required.

Our offer

If you are interested in the cloud, we will be happy to support you with professional and technical expertise. We accompany you from the first report requirements, through the implementation, to the handover to the running operation by the specialist department.

As a first step, we recommend a short workshop in which the key points of a target scenario are developed.