SAP CDS Views (Core Data Services)

Nowadays, timely insights and high-performance analyses play at least as important a role as efficient data and information management. In the interaction of different technologies and solutions from SAP HANA to SAP Digital Boardroom, the speed of connection between different information sources is crucial.
In this context, Core Data Services (CDS) offer our customers more flexibility with less redundancy. They illustrate the increasingly diverse linking of information and the strong trend toward virtual data models.

    Complex challenges and new opportunities with CDS Views

    The availability of SAP HANA as a database opens up a wide range of perspectives in the enterprise performance management environment. This makes it possible to develop applications directly at the database level and thus closer to the information. SAP HANA CDS Views, which can be developed and consumed independently of ABAP application servers or a Netweaver stack, are heading in this direction. In parallel and with a very similar range of functions, the "classic" approach can be followed with modeling in SAP BW and the ABAP application server.


    The use of CDS Views offers extensive possibilities that have already benefited many of our customers. In an existing BI landscape, new challenges can be solved more easily or existing complexities can be reduced. At the same time, SAP BW is not a prerequisite; on the contrary, data modeling and information extraction can also be implemented very close to the database.

    Your advantage

    • New modeling possibilities, simpler solutions
    • High integration with SAP HANA and SAP BW
    • Flexible data models, high-performance reporting
    • ABAP CDS

      Every application and development in the ABAP application server can quickly benefit from CDS Views. Freely following the approach of "standing on the shoulders of giants", all contents and tables of the Data Dictionary are available - to be semantically enriched or to be further used in complex virtual models. The corresponding CDS views are part of the ABAP stack, so you benefit from its extensive and convenient functionalities. By developing in (Open) SQL syntax, great performance advantages can be gained over classic reports and views.

      HANA CDS

      With HANA CDS, data models and applications are developed directly in SAP HANA. The underlying infrastructure is built on native SQL and enables information enrichment or the definition of very diverse semantic data models. In this way, the great potential of SAP HANA can be exploited with a view to less redundancy and high flexibility.

      Our offer

      If you are interested in the possibilities of CDS Views, we will support you with professional and technical expertise. We accompany you from the first considerations, through the implementation, to the handover to the running operation by the specialist department.
      As a first step, we recommend a short workshop in which the key points of a target scenario are developed.