Reporting and visualization of key figures

Complementing the field of analytics and BI, companies are increasingly placing greater demands on the visualization of corporate data. Depending on the user situation and the company organization, different formats (Excel, PowerPoint, Web, Mobile) as well as the creation mode (self-service vs. central tools) play a decisive role. Companies are also increasingly focusing on providing reporting tools in the cloud with a connection to their own data.

SAP offers a wide range of tools here to meet the various visualization requirements. With SAP Lumira, SAP BO Dashboards, SAP BO WebI and SAP Analysis for Office, SAP offers a wide range of solutions that are highly integrated with analytics and BI tools. By making the tools available in the SAP Analytics Cloud, companies can now access visualization tools that no longer need to be hosted in-house.

Quality features

Reporting requirements range from Excel-based reports for further processing to glossy presentations for decision makers. Thus, quality features also differ in that different user groups sometimes have completely different requirements. Work reports (in Excel or even web) should also be equipped with the ability to slice & dice the report drilldown, while other reporting tools increasingly emphasize presenting data in a very clear and appealing way. These different requirements for the visualization of data are complemented by a number of quality characteristics that are relevant for all formats:

  • Performant provision of data
  • High data quality, which can be achieved in particular by data of different granularity and also different visualization accessing one and the same dataset (single source of truth)
  • Easy access to the reports
  • End-to-end authorization concept for user access management

Our offer

We support you in achieving these goals. Our experts have a great deal of expertise in the various data visualization tools offered by SAP. We can show you the possible uses and different scenarios to help you choose the most appropriate tools for your reporting.