SAP Netweaver BW (Business Warehouse)

SAP Netweaver BW (Business Warehouse)

Business Warehouse provides the basis for most innovative mySAP products. It serves as the hub around which data from many different sources are integrated and analyzed. As such it constitutes a central component of SAP Business Intelligence and SAP NetWeaver. By means of the included Best-Practice models (Business Content), individual scenarios can quickly be constructed, but also, in a flexible manner, be adjusted and expanded according to your own requirements. Business Warehouse supports decision-making processes in the company through flexible reporting tools. Moreover, as the take-over of Business Objects has added state-of-the-art reporting tools to the existing solutions of BW.

  • Web-based reporting and analysis
    In a web browser data can be evaluated in a quick, easy, and flexible manner. On the client side, the only required software is a web browser. This keeps total costs of ownership low.

  • Reporting on the basis of Microsoft Excel
    For table-structured evaluations many companies rely on Microsoft Excel. Most users already have an excellent command of the program. Through Excel-based reporting from BW these users can continue to work in an environment familiar to them and take advantage of existing knowledge. This protects investments and above all guarantees high acceptance levels.

  • Finance portal
    BW can be integrated into portal solutions, particularly into the SAP Enterprise Portal.

  • Mobile reporting
    Data can also be retrieved through mobile equipment such as PDAs and mobile phones.