SAP Business Planning (BI-IP, SEM-BPS)

SAP Business Planning (BI-IP, SEM-BPS)

Based on SAP Business Warehouse (BW) SAP has first introduced SEM-BPS as part of its Strategic Enterprise Management (SEM) suite for planning purposes. With the introduction of Netweaver 2004s (BI 7) SEM-BPS has been replaced with BI Integrated Planning (BI-IP).

Both software modules support modeling plan scenarios based on multidimensional data which is stored in BW cubes. In addition to that BI-IP features the entry of plan data directly into BW reports as well as a full integration of plan functionality into the reporting frontends. Both aspects enhance usability and thus the user acceptance of the software. BI-IP support organizations with the following requirements:

  • Bottom-up as well as top-down planning processes

  • Work-flow support via integrated status tracking

  • Interfaces to the consolidation module (SEM-BCS)

  • Flexible data entry based on BW reports

  • Automatic planning functions (i.e. overhead allocation)