SAP Business Consolidation (SEM-BCS)

SAP Business Consolidation (SEM-BCS)
SAP SEM-BCS (Business Consolidation System) is the established SAP solution for the creation of consolidated financial statements which is fully integrated into the SAP Netweaver BW platform. As the technological successor of EC-CS and FI-LC the history of SEM-BCS is long. The software is being used in many medium sized and large corporations across the globe.

CALEO Consulting specializes in designing and implementing SEM-BCS solutions. Many successful projects and the long lasting alliance with SAP underline CALEO’s unique competency in this area.


SEM-BCS is a software solution for the creation of consolidated financial statements and is equally suited for statutory reporting and management reporting. SEM-BCS covers all relevant functionalities:

  • Legal and management consolidation

  • Various accounting practices (IAS, HGB, US-GAAP, …)

  • Currency conversions

  • Intercompany elimination for accounts payable and receivable

  • Elimination of Intercompany profit & loss and transferred inventory

  • Intercompany elimination of income and expenses

  • Allocation functionality

  • Consolidation of investments

  • Reclassification & simulation

  • Organizational changes

  1. History of SAP SEM-BCS

    The history of SEM-BCS is impressive. As the technological successor of the R/3 modules FI-LC and EC-CS SEM-BCS benefits from many years of experience. The system is being used by many large and medium sizes corporations across the globe. The features included in SEM-BCS support the complete closing process from data delivery to consolidation of investments. Reporting is provided by tools of the SAP Netweaver BW suite.

    In contrast to competing solutions the consolidation logic is already embedded in SEM-BCS. Customers do not need to “reinvent” the consolidation logic. Instead the simply adapt the predefined logic to their specific needs by changing customizing settings. This approach guarantees a stable and error free system.

  2. Reliability and Scalability

    SEM-BCS runs on top of the SAP Netweaver BW platform which provides the basic infrastructure required for building a reliable application which is available 24x7x365.

    SAP Netweaver is extremely scalable and contains various load balancing features. The BW Accelerator can be used to increase the overall performance of the system and to minimize the load on the database.

    Customizing changes are not performed directly in the production environment. Instead the changes are recorded in a development system and copied into the production environment by means of the SAP transport management system. The system automatically documents the changes (audit trail).

  3. Matrix Consolidation

    BCS Matrix

    Matrix consolidation is a feature which is unique to SEM-BCS and which is not available in other solutions. With BCS matrix consolidation organizations can consolidate the data simultaneously along two independent dimensions (hierarchies), for example legal entities and profit centers.

    Matrix consolidation enables the integration of statutory reporting and management reporting which is based on single set of data and therefore always consistent with each other.

  4. Integration with G/L Systems

    SEM-BCS provides several ways for uploading transaction data (reported financial data) from the local G/L systems into the consolidation application. Apart from manual data entry SEM-BCS supports fully automatic data transfers.

    • Manual Data Entry
      Data can be entered via data entry layouts in which the users can change the data online. The latest enhancements support data entry in BEx reports. Alternatively data can be uploaded from flat files provided by the users.

    • Automatic Data Transfer
      Apart from automatics file based transfers SEM-BCS supports direct connections to operational G/L system by means of SAP Netweaver BW extraction technology. Data will be read directly and tamper-free from the source.

    The integration of operational SAP systems is delivered as part of the Business Content. Additional non-SAP systems can be connected as well.

Integration with SAP Netweaver BW


SEM-BCS utilizes SAP Netweaver BW (Business Information Warehouse) as technological platform. Transaction data is stored directly in BI structures (OLAP cubes, ODS objects) and is therefore immediately available for multidimensional reporting.

Time consuming data transfers from the group close application into an OLAP / data warehouse solution are not required anymore. All OLAP tools available for SAP Netweaver BW can be used for reporting.

The use of SAP Netweaver BW as technological platform is also beneficial for the integration of G/L systems which report financial data into SEM-BCS: Data can be extracted and transferred by means of SAP BW technology which offers unmatched capabilities in this area.

SAP Portal


As of version 6.0 SEM-BCS offers full integration for the SAP Netweaver portal. Users can access the application via their web browser and utilize all functions including data entry and reporting. Costly software rollout are no longer required. Nor do organizations need an expensive terminal services architecture to provide access to their end users.