Technology Consulting


For successful implementations expertise in supporting and enabling technologies is equally important as subject matter expertise. Since the very beginning CALEO has been specialized on the implementation of corporate finance solutions with SAP products.

Partnerships with SAP and SAP BusinessObjects contribute to CALEO’s outstanding technical expertise.

Consolidated Financial Statements

With the acquisition of BusinessObjects SAP extended its software portfolio for the creation of consolidated financial statements. The portfolio now contains solutions for companies of every type and every size.

Solutions for Consolidated Financial Statements
SAP SEM-BCSSAP SEM-BCS SEM-BCS is the fully integrated consolidation engine from SAP and the successor of EC-CS. Unlike EC-CS which was based on R/3 technology SEM-BCS is based on the SAP Netweaver Business Warehouse (BW) platform. More information
SAP BusinessObjects Financial Consolidation
SBO Financial Consolidation is a flexible solution for the creation of consolidated financial statements which can be tailored to the customer needs by a rule based framework. SBO FC runs on Windows platforms only. More information
SAP Business Planning & Consolidation (BPC)RTEmagicC_BPC_Start_150px_02.png SAP Business Planning & Consolidation is primarily a planning & forecasting solution but also offers functionalities supporting the creation of consolidated financial statements.As of version 7.0 the software can be integrated with the SAP Netweaver BW platform. SAP Business Planning & Consolidation is web-based.

Business Intelligence, Reporting & Analysis

The takeover of BusinessObjects by SAP created a unique solution portfolio. SAP and BusinessObjects are a perfect match: While SAP dominates the data warehousing market BusinessObjects has been very strong in terms of visualization and user interaction.

Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing
SAP Netweaver BWBW_PC_150px SAP’s Business Information Warehouse (BW) is the de-facto standard for enterprise data warehouse solutions. Apart from warehousing functionalities SAP BW offers OLAP analysis capabilities and a full integration into the Netweaver portal. More information
SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XIBOE_CMC_150px SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI is a web-based BI platform which can analyze data from almost any source. The XI suite comprises some well known tools such as Crystal Reports and Xcelsius.SBO Enterprise XI can access data which resides in SAP Business Warehouse (BW). More information

The existing SAP and BusinessObjects solutions will be integrated even tighter in future. The upcoming combined OLAP client with codename “Pioneer” is a major step along the road.

Planning, Forecasting & Budgeting with SAP


SEM-BPS was the first planning solution which SAP initially developed as add-on for SAP BW. After the integration into SAP BW and the introduction of SAP Netweaver 7.0 the technological successor BI-IP is being offered as a replacement for SEM-BPS by SAP. BI-IP is more focused on the user and supports the integration of reporting and planning processes. More information

SAP Netweaver Portal


The SAP Netweaver 7.0 platform contains a J2EE enterprise portal which can be used to integrate various applications (SAP as well as non-SAP) into a single web-based application. All SAP-technology based applications (such as SEM-BCS or BW) integrate seamlessly into the portal. For SBO Enterprise XI specialized integration kits provide this functionality.

SAP Netweaver Portal technology can be used to build corporate finance portals which enable centralized access to all finance applications across the organization.