Services Portfolio

Consulting Portfolio

The key to success in the consulting business are subject matter expertise and deep technical know-how. For this reason we have structured our services portfolio around these success factors. We offer subject matter expertise for accounting, controlling, group consolidation and planning as well as international accounting standards. Our technical expertise covers the SAP Netweaver product suite and the SEM add-ons.

Specialization is the key to successful projects

CALEO was founded in 2002 with the mission to provide leading edge consulting services. Our primary focus is set on all aspects of Corporate Finance. We specialize in enterprise-wide financial reporting, consolidation and planning:

  • IFRS conversion and parallel GAAP accounting

  • Group controlling and consolidated financial statements

  • Reporting and Business Intelligence

  • Planning, budgeting and forecasting

CALEO is primarily working with SAP and BusinessObjects™ of SAP products, the world market leader for enterprise software. We specialize in:

  • SAP Netweaver / SAP Business Information Warehouse / Business Objects Suite

  • BI Integrated Planning and BW-BPS (Business Planning & Simulation)

  • SEM-BCS (Business Consolidation), EC-CS and Business Objects Cartesis

In addition, we possess extensive skills in all SAP components typically involved in providing financial source data; e.g. SAP HR, SAP FI and SAP CO.