Business Consulting

How do our clients benefit?

CALEO concentrates on consulting services in the areas of consolidated financial statements, enterprise reporting and planning covering the whole range of business processes and technology-related topics. This kind of specialization sets us apart from our competitors.

Our customers benefit from this specialization-driven expertise in two ways: Shortened implementation times and reduced total cost of ownership.

  1. IFRS Conversion

    The mandatory introduction of IAS/IFRS accounting and reporting standards for companies, which are subject to the laws of the member countries of the EU entails a number of changes for the corporate finance departments of these corporations. New methods of balancing and evaluation have to be developed and implemented. The extensive expansion of reporting obligations will necessitate additional reporting processes. Changes in balancing often require corresponding adjustments of processes and IT systems. In order to ensure a smooth transition to international balancing practices, conversion projects are necessary. Within the framework of such a project, holistic solutions will have to be developed for questions of content, process-related technical requirements, as well as organizational changes that take corporate strategies into account.

    CALEO assists you in the conversion of accounting practices. In order to be able to manage customer projects, CALEO continuously requires its consultants to attend professional and technical trainings.

  2. Consolidation and Group Controlling

    Efficient consolidation is mandatory for target-oriented controlling of international corporations. Additionally, the growing demand for information and the competition for capital on international financial markets create new challenges for corporate consolidation and reporting.

    Therefore, even corporations that have already established Fast Close procedures and monthly financial statements, are permanently required to improve their processes and IT systems. In addition to faster closing procedures and higher data quality, modern consolidation is characterized by:

    • Implementation of an integrated process: “Individual financial statement – Intercompany clearing – Consolidation – Reporting”

    • Automation of all closing tasks to reduce process times and adhere to service level agreements

    • Harmonization of internal and external reporting to ensure data consistency (Matrix Consolidation)

    • Automated generation of cash-flow reports, segment information, equity reporting

    • Support of intercompany clearing, consolidation of investments, parallel accounting standards, organizational changes and group statements in alternative currencies

    • Enable flexible adjustments of the consolidation application

    • Ensure compliance requirements to minimize risks

    CALEO helps you to achieve this goal! Our experts combine consolidation know-how and technical skills in state-of-the-art consolidation software. The optimization and implementation of consolidation systems is one of our core competences.

    CALEO has long term experience with implementation of SAP (SEM-BCS, EC-CS, FI-LC) as well as BusinessObjects Financial Consolidation (formerly known as Cartesis Magnitude).

  3. Reporting & Analysise

    The primary goal of modern Management Information Systems is to obtain valuable information from a vast data volume in order to indicate critical issues and derive action plans.
    Characteristics of such systems are:

    • Integrated data-flow from operational systems and databases

    • Harmonization of arbitrary data sources

    • Timely availability of information

    • Flexible presentation layer that allows for detailed operational reports as well as for aggregated management summaries in different front-end technologies (Excel, WEB)

    • Performance and excellent usability that ensures high user acceptance

    • Capability to be integrated into data mart scenarios with additional receiving applications

    In this very dynamic field CALEO specializes in implementing software from the world market leader SAP and BusinessObjects. We can help you to optimally deploy the functionalities of these powerful tools in order to generate information from data.

  4. Planning & Forecasting

    In recent years planning and forecasting data has increasingly attracted the attention of analysts and investors and planning and forecasting figures have played a more and more important role in investment decisions. This trend necessitates for companies a rethinking and reorganization in the realms of planning and forecasting. Detailed top-down/bottom-up planning processes have to be installed. Often business drivers have to be redefined. The resulting complexity and additional work can be reduced through the use of automated planning tools. In choosing these planning tools, attention should be paid to the integration of the tools into the overall architecture of financial IT systems within the corporation.

    CALEO’s experienced consultants professionally assist you with the integration of planning tools, to enable you to reach effective investment decisions based on meaningful planning figures.

  5. Optimization of Financial Processes

    Globally-active companies have to meet the requirements of international capital markets by increasing their transparency with regard to the state of their business. On one hand, this implies the timely publication of all relevant financial data, on the other hand it implies that closer and closer attention must be paid to the quality of planning within the company. Both factors, the reduction of balancing intervals and the optimal integration of actual and planning data, can be managed through the use of up-to-date technology. SAP-SEM offers components that are optimized for these tasks. SEM-BPS supports both the collection of planning data as well as their generation with the help of up-to-date simulation procedures. SEM-BCS allows for the consistent consolidation of actual and planning data. BW, finally, can be employed for the optimal analysis of results, both for standardized reporting as well as for ad-hoc reports.

    CALEO offers you a broad knowledge base for the harmonization of your IT landscape, to assist you in establishing, in the long-term, optimal and efficient actual and planning processes in your company.

  6. SAP Consulting

    The realization of SAP implementations in the areas of Strategic Enterprise Management (SEM) and Business Warehouse (BW) poses new challenges for companies. Due to the continuously increasing functionality and complexity of these applications it is often difficult to find competent consulting partners who have relevant consulting and up-to-date product experience. Even large consulting companies are not necessarily a guarantee for the most up-to-date knowledge of SEM and BW.

    CALEO assists you with the development of solutions in the following areas:

    • Implementation of SAP SEM focusing on SEM-BCS and SEM-BPS Construction of SAP BW in combination with any SAP module and third-party system

    • Implementation of finance portals and web-reporting solutions

    • Re-design and implementation of SAP FI/CO applications

    • Integration of heterogeneous finance applications into a homogenous SAP-based IT architecture

    The consultants of CALEO are without exception experts with many years of experience in the fields of Strategic Enterprise Management and Business Warehouse. Due to this specialization our consultants offer you a competent and holistic realization of your projects, from working out innovative concepts through developing feasible solutions, up to efficiently implementing them. The combination of many years of consulting experience with an up-to-date product knowledge guarantees a successful execution of your SEM, BW, and FI/CO implementation!

  7. Change Management

    The successful realization of projects in the areas of finance and SAP increasingly implies a noticeable competitive advantage for your company. At the same time, it is becoming more and more important for the management to realize projects in a swift and cost-efficient manner while still guaranteeing the quality of the solutions.

    CALEO assists you in meeting these challenges through the following services:

    • Project management

    • Business process re-engineering

    • Change management

    • Training and coaching

    • Go-Live support

    CALEO’s consultants work out realistic project plans and make sure that your company’s requirements are implemented within set limits of time and cost. Thanks to many years of experience, our consultants recognize possibilities for the optimization of existing processes and organizational structures, and can thus provide you with an additional competitive advantage. By means of specific training programs, CALEO’s consultants finally make sure that after the conclusion of a project your employees will be familiar with all aspects of a solution, and that the solution will enjoy a high acceptance rate. In conjunction with the project, CALEO assists you with the creation and opening of a hotline or call center. In short, CALEO guarantees the measurable and sustainable success of a project!