Apply for your Career

You career at CALEO starts with an informative application. You can send us your application either by electronic means or mail in a paper based application. Along with a letter of intend which tells us your motive for applying for a job at CALEO we require the following documentation:

  • Curriculum Vitae
    Please send us your most recent CV in a table structure including your language skills as well as information if you have stayed abroad.

  • Academic Degree
    We require a copy of your academic degree along with a short description of the focal points of your academic training. We are also interested in the title of your thesis.

  • High School Degree
    Please send us your high school degree (Abiturzeugnis, Matura).

  • Supporting Information
    If you have already acquired professional experience please send us your job references or references of internships which would be of interest for your present application at CALEO.

  1. Apply via e-mail

    You can send your application via e-mail to the following mailbox:

    Ideally your documents of your application will be PDF format. If this is not possible please use a common office format. Please pay attention to reasonable resolution and reasonable file sizes if you are sending us scanned content (e.g. academic degrees).

    Please supply a phone number so we can contact you!

  2. Paper-based Application

    Please send your application folder via standard mail to the following mailing address. Please include a phone number so we can contact you directly.

    Gräfelfing/Munich (Germany)

    CALEO Consulting GmbH
    Human Resources
    Am Haag 12
    D-82166 Gräfelfing