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Consolidation and Group Controlling

Efficient consolidation is mandatory for target-oriented controlling of international corporations. Additionally, the growing demand for information and the competition for capital on international financial markets create new challenges for corporate consolidation and reporting.

Therefore, even corporations that have already established Fast Close procedures and monthly financial statements, are permanently required to improve their processes and IT systems. In addition to faster closing procedures and higher data quality, modern consolidation is characterized by:

  • Implementation of an integrated process: “Individual financial statement - Intercompany clearing - Consolidation - Reporting”
  • Automation of all closing tasks to reduce process times and adhere to service level agreements
  • Harmonization of internal and external reporting to ensure data consistency (Matrix Consolidation)
  • Automated generation of cash-flow reports, segment information, equity reporting
  • Support of intercompany clearing, consolidation of investments, parallel accounting standards, organizational changes and group statements in alternative currencies
  • Enable flexible adjustments of the consolidation application
  • Ensure compliance requirements to minimize risks

Caleo helps you to achieve this goal! Our experts combine consolidation know-how and technical skills in state-of-the-art consolidation software. The optimization and implementation of consolidation systems is one of our core competences.

Caleo has long term experience with implementation of SAP (SEM-BCS, EC-CS, FI-LC) as well as BusinessObjects Financial Consolidation (formerly known as Cartesis Magnitude).